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    Has anyone created their own website using something like Website Tonite, 1&1, Weebly or others? Was the process easy and pleasant or a pain in the ass? Were the results good? How about seo? I'm thinking of doing a new website myself and looking for opinions and suggestions. Thanks

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    I do all of my own websites. I can make a nice limo site for you and handle all the seo. Check out my website Also click on the sites in my signature and see sites I have done.

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    I would suggest finding a professional that can make a nice clean design. I was hiring some new web designers the other day and finding some sites to show them for examples because my sites look too similar and it's amazing how many sites out there look horrible. You want your stuff to stand out from your competitors.

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    If you do go for DIY, definitely stay away from Wix.

    1&1's site builder, just not that if you use their system, you do NOT have rights to move the whole site over to another host.

    In general, a "site builder" system (or cheap stand alone website builder program), will get you something up fast, and sometimes some real fancy looking site, however the benefit of "ease and looks" can take away from some key features you need for custimization and proper SEO.

    In the end you get what you pay for, and one thing to consider is that when it comes to google it isn't a case of just "well I'll get something up now and make it better later", as when you do "later", google already has you evaluated from the old site, and sometimes it can be very tough to overcome.

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    I made mine with homestead. Its super easy and can get a nice clean look. Completely customizable.
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    Thanks for the replys. I have an existing site but the guy that designed it ain't around anymore and I couldn't make changes myself. Familiar story. But I found someone else that can help. But I did do a lot of research into do it yourself sites. Most reviews of them were bad so I'm glad I can continue to use the one I have.

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    We did ours on the DIY option at Network Solutions. It's a bit staid, but works for us.

    It's pretty straightforward, but I am a former IT manager and conversant in HTML, though neither is required to use their tools.


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