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Thread: Proper risk management

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    Default Proper risk management

    The above link directs you to a short article wirtten by Paul Berne with Lancer Insurance claims department.

    I cannot stress how important point number three is in his article. Treating a "small" occurrence no differently than you would a catastrophic occurrence will create an environment that does not accept the excuse "well it was only a tail light." By completing a formal accident review/report for every occurrence gets the company in the habit of documenting occurrences, as well as providing useful information for use during the mandatory safety meetings (which should be held quarterly).

    It is important to make certain that all employees understand that these reviews/reports are not being used to discipline them (obviously if a person has done something that warrants disciplinary actions it should be obvious), but rather to help them understand how important practicing proper risk management is. If these are used in a way that is viewed negatively then there is a chance that all occurrences will not be reported.

    We have what I would say is a fairly comprehensive accident review document. It is too large to attach in the forum, however if anyone would like a copy, simply email me. Please mention "accident review" in the subject line.

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    Charge the chauffeur for it - thats the risk management prevelant in this industry.
    Steve Walker

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    Default I wouldn't do that!!!

    That's not good advice Steve. It is a sure way to get yourself hauled into see a deputy commissioner from the Labor Board. Federal and State law prohibit charging an employee for damage, breakage or loss occurring on the job.

    I have also seen operators charge money for a "voluntary fund" to cover damages and lost in labor court because the employee was told it was voluntary but the employee said he felt pressured because the boss told him everyone does it and he felt if he rocked the boat, he would be fired.

    When you go into business, you assume risks. One of those risks is that an employee or client will damage your vehicle.
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    I think he was being sarcastic.
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