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    Default for sale I made it for do so broker business in chicago but i need money
    website it is well optimized and got a lot backlinks
    this website is on first page on google on meny keywords most on top 3
    for example
    chicago party bus
    party bus chicago
    party bus rental chicago
    chicago party bus rental
    and 100 more different keywords
    this website in season booking over $10000 per month in best months over $20 000
    so will sell it only for good price ( not like ( i will sell for best offer ) which i dont even put there phone number - i dont know any affiliates in nyc , i was going to find some but i need money so i need sell at least one website )

    about looks of the websites there was done temporarily and i was going to make better looks websites and i still can
    so if some body will buy this domains ( website ) in price i can make new better looking website
    i am not only limo broker but also i got web design business
    you can check my portfolio here

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    give me your offer
    if you realy interesting to buy it call me 773 563 7707


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