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Thread: Sedan Service in Metro Detroit Area

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    Default Sedan Service in Metro Detroit Area

    Hello we are a veteran owned small business in the Metro Detroit Area. Stumbled on this site looking for ways to grow the business. Looking to network and any tips/help will be appreciated.

    BTW SEO and internet marketing is very challenging for me.

    Kind of looking for a mentor.


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    Welcome to the forum.
    Andrew Armitage
    Vintage Chauffeuring LLC

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    Hi and thank you for the welcome. How is business treating you vintage?

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    Could be better. Like all businesses, there is need for constant innovation and adjusting of the advertising / marketing stratagy to stay competitive.
    Andrew Armitage
    Vintage Chauffeuring LLC

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    I like your line of business with the vintage limousines. Pretty cool. The competition here in Metro Detroit is very steep and the part of getting on top of them is kind of difficult for me. I have tried various marketing techniques but having to reassess constantly. Ehhh....

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    Soldier, do you have a website?

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    Hi LGAL. Yes.
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    Competition is steep here in the Chicagoland area too. Almost to the point where you have to operate at just above cost because some fools out there are offering service at below cost just to get the job.

    The vintage cars have kept my head above water and the modern cars I have really work to accompany the vintage cars or service clients that have used a vintage car in the past and trust my company. The biggest downside with the vintage cars is the cost to keep them on the road is fairly high.
    Andrew Armitage
    Vintage Chauffeuring LLC

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    What do you think of my website LGAL?

    Vintage it seems if you market the vintage idea you will get very far.

    Do any of you all know where I can find a sample business plan ecspecially for the limousine/luxury transportation business? This would help me leaps and bounds. You can also PM it to me.

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    I think your website looks fine but you are right, you do have a lot of competition in Detroit. I did some searches and the highest I found your site come up was on page 3. I don't know that much about seo either but you might want to consider hiring someone to help you with it to make sure your listed with all the search engines. Also go to Google Webmaster Tools and just start reading. Lots of info there.

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    I searched 'detroit airport service' today and you came up in the middle of the second page.

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    Yeah.... SEO is confusing to me. Once I get in the system I'm going to start blogging as recommended by another member to raise my numbers but to be honest I'm kind of clueless on the whole thing. Oh and thanks I will look at webmaster tools. The thing with SEO is its not instant. I'm looking for some things that will happen a little quicker.

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    Yes seo can take time but you have to start sometime. Your website says you've been in business for 12 years. What have you been doing for marketing up till now?

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    Oh... thanks for looking at that and calling me out on it.. I will have to correct that as we have only been in business for a year and a half.... fairly new business.
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    There is a lot of information on this site although there is not that much activity any longer.
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