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Thread: New Website Layout. Feedback Very much appreciated!

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    Default New Website Layout. Feedback Very much appreciated!
    Changed the color schemes, redesigned the vehicle page, added a customer gallery,added a blog, and improved the overall brand look. Let me know what you guys think!

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    It looks great. I agree, it has a positive impact on your brand name. Nice work! Did you design it yourself or farm it out to a professional website development company?
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    Check the code around the Request a Quote form. You have the inputs inside table cells, yet no table is defined. That is just something that will make browsers do more work (and guess) at figuring how to display it properly. Perhaps this is code ripped from an old design, but it needs fixed.

    When you are done, the site should be able to pass validation here: which will help browsers display it more efficiently. (need to do this for each page)

    I would also recommend getting your phone number into the content of the site (currently it is only in images), see here:

    The two image bars in the "about us" on the home page needs some work, to me, looked like something is missing/misaligned badly.

    Also, I would recommend giving a little more spacing around wording in a lot of areas, images and text seems to run together to closely for me, makes it look more busy than it needs to be.

    Other than those items on a 5 minute check, I like the look layout of the site.
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    I like the look of it! Very easy to find the info you need. Im not sure about the coding errors, but the layout/design looks great
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    Thanks a lot for the input. The quote request used to be in "table" form before I changed - good catch. I'm not sure if I want the phone number in my content - it's more for seo. I agree about the 2 image bars in the "about us" page - that's the only thing that hasn't been changed from the previous design; I'm going to work on integrating that better into the site.

    More input like that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Very exciting and eye catching.

    At the bottom of the Home page, the "email us" shoud be a link to click on and bring up outlook or email. The same with the request a quote.

    Your rates are dirt cheap! I get $75 an hour for just a town car and $110.00 for my TC 10 pac. How do you stay in business?

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    That's Chicagoland prices for you! Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, demand for limousines has been drastically dropping in Chicago area. Essentially, all of the small players are getting wiped out and the only way to stay in business is to go with volume over price. The trend is to consolidate companies, increase the fleet size, and drop the prices as low as possible because competition is fierce. I wish I could charge more and go back to a sensible and safe limo company size, but that's no longer an option.

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    Site looks nice and looks like a well designed website. The only thing that I would suggest is to use your own pictures. Some of your pics are from Execucar. I dont care about that company at all I have worked for them and then I started my own business but having your own pictures is a great way to make a difference. Plus google can penalize you if they catch you.

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