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Thread: Non-Profit Looking for HCPTC Certificate Holders To File Lawsuit

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunny View Post
    Good post . Wish there was a way to get the word out to the populace about the impact this type regulation has on their wallets. Maybe I can work a special report through Mike Deeson after the RNC.
    I know that some people will read and understand the concept, but then there are those like Eeyore that are on the business side of the minimum pricing structure that don't get it and have a poor understanding of how economics and business work.
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    you are right, it does make sense, small operators in Miami don't know but the minimum rate was developed by the commissioners in order to protect the Miami yellow cab, not the limo business because obviously the yellow cab is financing the commissioners in some way and we the small operator limo companies are just small potatoes

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    Default Tampa Limousine Regs Sanctioned By GOP Legislature Hurts The Consumer's Wallet

    Funny how I started this thread and BAM! Twice the news features this taxicab protection racketer rip off of the Tampa Consumer:

    TAMPA — While Republican National Convention delegates decry excess governmental regulation, a case study is unfolding outside: a dispute between Hillsborough County regulators and a techie taxi startup in town for the convention.

    Uber, a popular private-driver service based in San Francisco, recently unveiled its Tampa operation, offering its signature GPS-tracked sedans with text-message updates, hailed via smartphone app.

    What the company can't offer? Low prices. Hillsborough County regulations set Uber's minimum fare at $50, three times as pricey as the service's minimum fare in New York City, London, Paris or practically anywhere else.
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