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Thread: mobile website how much is a good price?

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    Default mobile website how much is a good price?

    Is $350 for a basic mobile website including one year hosting a good price? no clue.

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    It really depends on what type of site, what are they offering with it?

    I see from another thread you already have a site, so what are they offering as a feature a reason to host it instead of having it hosted with your account you already have at network solutions, which from taking a quick look, even their basic hosting package allows you to host up to 3 different sites.

    Are they connecting it with your current site so that it will auto send people to the mobile site if a mobile device is detected (and give them the option to view full if they choose)

    Just a tip, I have seen some places that develop mobile sites make QR Codes seem like a big selling point, keep in mind these are nothing special, anyone can get one by going to (add the full URL to the end) ie: (Granted, I have this as one of the features listed in the mobile site service I'll be launching this summer LOL)

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