I just bought a 15 passenger van; I don't know why I never went for it earlier, but I am happy that I have it now. Turns out not a lot of people in the area can do more than 9 passenger plus luggage as no one really has a trailer. I was thinking if I had a good size trailer, I would be able to do 14 passenger + all their lugg. I have never used a trailer myself and I don't know how complex it can get in terms of putting on and removing etc...

Has anyone used the 15 passenger E-350 Van with a trailer? Any problems, complex situation or trouble? How much is the insurance for the trailer, also I assume I have to register the trailer as "Commercial". Trailer is going to be small that can fit about 30 bags, do I need to put wirings for brake lights and side signal lights?

I don't get a lot of phone calls where I can use a trailer, but I think I want to purchase this if the set up is easy and try and see if it works out, if it doesn't, I will just get rid of the trailer.

I wonder if one has a trailer with this van, how many trips do you do per year with a trailer?

I don't know why, but I am just a bit excited about booking trips for my Van vs my all other vehicles.