A while ago, the Miami Heat played the Los Angeles Lakers. Having been raised in Los Angeles around season ticket holding Lakers fans, one can imagine what a traitor I felt like when I pronounced that the Miami Heat was going to take the game. It occurred to me at 5:00am while watching the pre-coverage of the teams, etc ( at the gym. That's my ESPN time.) I could tell that this team was inspired. I could tell by the way they were speaking. I saw the peace and ease in their face that they were on target. Their mind was right. It was clear to me that this coach was leading them in a way that provided them with freedom & power. And then, it began- the brain starts processing. And here it is.

A basketball game:

We look at the crowd, in the stands that are cheering for the teams that they want to have win. We hear them yelling, we see them laughing, they are yelling at the referee, they are yelling at each other. The crowd in the stands can't believe the calls that are being made, they're not happy with the score, they are happy with the score and so on. The crowd in the stands are watching the game.

So what about the player's on the court? They carry the same baggage and stress, as most of their crowd. They have demands, they have needs, wants and whatever else might drive them to do what it is that they do. These players on the court have everything to lose and everything to gain based upon how present they are. This is the team that must work together in order to achieve outstandingly predictable results. These are the players playing the game. The key word? PLAYING !

What does it mean to play in the chauffeured transportation industry? How does a team of chauffeurs & office team members play on the court?

How does a team of chauffeurs & office team members play in the stands?

What does it mean for a team of chauffeurs & office team members to play on the court?
Does it mean that they prepare, communicate? commit? participate? have fun? enjoy the game? are they inspired? passionate? energetic? smile all day? greet each client by name? if it's got a label with your name on it and they ask for it, give them two, extremely clean vehicles, business ethics, etc.? Does it mean that they are constantly looking ahead, planning, serving, etc - a concierge on wheels??

What does it mean for a team of chauffeurs & office team members to play in the stands?
Does it mean that they show up late to work/jobs, look like they just rolled out of bed, donít have systems for making sure they are successful, gossiping, complaining, yelling, happy one day and not the next, canít communicate with anyone on the team, etc. Does it mean that they are glazing over the trip sheet, diluting their time with activities that do not serve the purpose or the vision?

What actions must occur for the team on the court, to win the game?
What is the game? Do the players know? (I've played soccer like it was catch..) Do the players know what
the game is? (Vision & Purpose)
What are the rules?
How does inauthenticity and lack of presence get managed?
Is the team committed to playing the game by the rules?
How well does the team know the rules?
What does the playbook look like?
How creative are the plays?
How consistent are the plays

And the list goes on for playing on the court. When the game is being played, the synergy must be one of teamwork and action. If oneís office doesnít have a systems and agreement book, why not now? If one has no idea why a member of your office team is not constantly on the phone, why not now? If oneís not leading oneís team in a way that would motivate, inspire and move them, why not now? These are the actions that teams playing on the court make. They donít sit in the stands, they are in ACTION.

As drive through 2012, I invite you to ask yourselves: Is your team in the stands or on the court? Is your team in ACTION? How well has your team been set up to succeed in 2013?

If you havenít already, itís time to get out your playbook and run the plays. If you need help, you have the support. Why not now?

In Excellence,

Michael Bonanno