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Thread: Starting a farm out company

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    If you are going to be farming-out work you will definitely need a software package. I recommend you start with limoanywhere since it is affordable.

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    Thanks to everyone for the feedback

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    Would you be able to help me with what I need to do step by step to start out on the right track or at least point me to a guide?

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    " We have used our own setup that consists of Ecel. Spreadsheats, Word docs, PDFs, and home-made online reservation request forms."

    JD take note of that, any system you can create is fine as long as you do not miss any trips or fail to charge correctly. You can piece together what ever you are comfortable with. All these Limousine reservation packages do is group all the piece together in an integrated package. ALL you need really is a contact/calander manager, invoicing software, and some document templates.

    In fact if i was doing it I would just use my subcontractors online account management (would require that they had it) to see all the trips I had with them. All the rides they do would be put on your account so you would be able to see them real time on thier system.

    may need to have a few windows up to see each of your contractors but you would always be able to make sure they had the right flight #, PU time, Routing Details etc. You could even enter your own reservations so no information is lost in the phone or email conversation.
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    Question, have you worked in the industry before? How are you planning on finding affiliates? How do you plan on finding your customers and keeping them?Farm companies require a lot of advertising and leg work as far as I know. It's hard enough getting the business for your own company and drivers with so much competition. Not to mention the amount of money you make from farming out may not be as much as you hoped for.
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