Hi Everyone!

After over a decade of offering quality limousine service in Las Vegas, Signature Limousine Builders was formed. With our combined experience of over 20 years in manufacturing, the staff produces high quality upgraded cars that last. We custom upgrade the suspension on all vehicles, other standard upgrades include brakes and tires. Currently in stock we have 2012 Chrysler 300 200in black stretch seats 10-12. Priced at $79,000 FOB. Comes with 2 bars, flat screen TV, fireplace and upgraded sound system and lighting. We also put in touch screen controls for your passengers ease of use and one for the driver. Also in stock - a 2012 Orange Gull Wing Challenger. This is such an amazing eye catching car. When you see it you have to stop and stare and marvel at how awesome it really is.

Looking forward to meeting everyone - if you are in Las Vegas and would like to see our facility please don't hesitate to call. We are 100% built in the US not in Mexico or China. We have employed over 15 people and we are looking to help Las Vegas economy get back on its feet!

Remember if you Love Las Vegas you will Love Signature Limousine Builders!

Phil Scheinman
Signature Limousine Builders