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Thread: A/C problen

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    We have a 1993 Lincoln (NCE) superstretch. (See previos post) Right now, I cannot control the A/C temp from the front. I have to have the rear Main circuit on and then that means the rear passengers control my temp up front. If I am in the car alone, not a problem. With people, if they get cold and turn up temp--I warm up in front. Anyone?


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    It sounds like the blend door is not opening and is causing you not to get air in the front compartment. You need to run a diagnostic on the circuit. To do this follow these instructions put out by Lincoln...

    Press the off and floor buttons at the same time, release and press the automatic button. The display will show a pulse tracer going around the center of the display window. It will last approx 30 seconds. To exit press the Blue (cooler) button.

    On my 96 Lincoln, the A/C now works fine on Max AC but will not blow correctly on Normal or Auto. If it makes a clicking sound it will turn off within approx 15 minutes and your ac will be fine.



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