Hello all my name is Jesse. I work for a company called AccuAir Suspension. We are the leader in auto leveling air management systems. We also carry about every brand and size of air spring available. Anything from bolt on to full custom.

I joined the forum since I am getting a lot more calls on air suspension set-ups for limo's.

Do a lot of you guy's run air suspension on your custom coaches? I ask this because every time I see an unloaded limo it has an insane amount of rake from back to front. I am guessing the ride isn't dreamy, and I could only imagine the toll taken on the chassis from abrupt bumps. I'm guessing even in a parked state there are some forces working against the lengthened chassis based on uneven cross loading of the suspension.

If anyone can enlighten me on limo suspension and what the ultimate ride would be that would be great. I'm not here to sell, just here to help and learn.

Jesse Jenson
AccuAir Suspension