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Thread: Lincoln TC - Maintenance ?

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    Question Lincoln TC - Maintenance ?

    I'm just wondering what you guys expect to pay each year in maintenance on a low miles (<50,000mi) Town Car (not a stretch)?

    I've Googled it, and have found private use estimated maintenance costs for driving 20,000+ miles a year. But, I just want to hear from those in the livery business. I know our cars are under more severe driving than private use TC's (i.e. a lot of sitting & idling, city driving, inclement weather, etc).

    I'm new to this and just trying to factor it into my budget plans.
    Thanks in advance. Everyone here is always so helpful.

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    I don't spend a whole lot on maintenance. Things just don't break on my car. Oil changes on a regular basis, tires, and some of the bushings and alternators, but really, they are not maintenance hogs by any means.
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    Low maintenance, just change the oil properly and everything is as Tim said, low maintenance. I will add that you should do a full Tranny Flush every 100,000 miles... Thats all really. Other than that these vehicles are pretty much bullet proof on reliability.
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