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Thread: Providing CDs and DVDs for clients

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    I don't really offer a choice when it comes to the divider window, I roll it up as soon as I'm back in the car. I feel they don't need to be talking to me, it's thier time, not mine. It stays down if requested, otherwise it's always up.

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    Originally posted by hollywood:
    The very first thing we do when we buy a limousine from the States is to remove the cd and dvd player from the rear to the front of the limousine AND make sure the divider etc can not be operated from the rear of the limousine. Problem solved.
    Wouldn't this be more trouble for the chauffer. I can't imagine how a group of people going on a Night on the town would be bothering the chauffeur to pop in this CD or that CD, every few minutes. Or during a Bachelor party, the passengers asking for the chauffeur to fast forwarding and rewinding that special moment on the DVD while they are driving.

    I truely believe that Satellite radio and an IPod connection is the wave of the future and will be a standard. We have Satellite Radio on a few of our Limousines. And you can get a portable IPod auto adaptor that can be set to a FM signal and listen to it on your car's auto system (I have this for my personal vehicle). There are also many new HD Radio Stations available, you don't have to pay a monthly service - only an upgrade radio.

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    We olso use I Pods for convenience But in over 16 years in this industry we have only 3 or 4 times put up the division and that was for proposals of marriage. We often do 6-8 jobs in one limousine on Fri, Sat, Sunday we dont have as much time as you guys all our hires apart from weddings are for a 1 hour duration with a 12 seater Excursion we charge £240 per hour which is roughly $ 460?? per hour in Dollars. It is a totally different ball game over here I have yet to do a purely corporate hire in all these years, Cheers John.

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    I-POD users who use them in cars always have an adapter, yours will walk as sure as you Paid for it.

    I provide CD's and DVD's and I make my Drivers responciable for them and account for them nightly as soon as the clients are dropped off. If one is missing the client is notified on the spot and either pays for the replacement or is billed for it either way I am not out any money.

    My check list at the end of the run is fine tuned and consice leave little to chance and if followed properly nothing is missed by the driver who's shift is about to end.
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    Slightly off topic. YOu say they have a check list for the end of the night. Who do they go over this with at night at say 2:00am. Next chauffeur has a run in the same car at 5:00am, again who do they go over thie list with. If something was missing in the car after Driver #2 returned at 12:00pm, how do you handle it?

    This is an age old question which applies to leaving the cars clean, lost items, liquor decanters not refilled, vehicle damage unreported etc.

    We turn 18 years old next month. I still haven't figured out how to fairly point the finger for blame when let's say Car #15 arrives in garage at 10:00pm. Goes out again with another chauffeur at 1:00am for an AP run. Back in by 5:00am and out again at 6:00am until noon. Three chauffuer's, no one's talking? Now what?
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    I put in "copies" of my cd's. That way if one is damaged, I charge for it, but make another copy to replace it. DVD's and video tapes, I take a cash deposit. They get it back when the media is returned to the driver.

    I have a mount setup for an I-Pod. But, I make them bring their own. We don't all have the same taste. I also installed a 4 outlet cigarette lighter plug so they had power for the I-Pod's, cell phones, camera battery chargers, ect.

    I have installed Sirius Satelite radio also. Seem's popular when someone wants to check on game scores or something. A lot of bouncing between the satelite radio and cd's.

    I guess whatever you want to provide, plan on it getting broken, or stolen. My contract covers such things and a new item is just a CC swipe away.

    If you have the means to copy your cd's so you don't loan out the "good" ones, this is your best bet. And I do label every one with my company name and phone #. But, I do mention to most callers to feel free to bring their own.

    I have also seen some companies installing a 50 cd changer in the trunk. They can listen, but have no contact with the cd's themselves.

    All comes down to personal preference. If you mention CD player in your ads, most will bring some, if not then just radio. Most people take their I-pods and MP3 players everywhere, heck their on their phones now. Let the music be there problem. If you ask at pickup, most will go back and grab their cd case from their car before you leave!


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