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Thread: well what do you think

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    Default well what do you think

    this is what I get for letting my wife build my website. would love to know what you think and what would be good to add/change

    thanks Aaron

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    Looks nice. I would do something with "Exceptional Experience". Either a shadow or something. Grand Rapids? I know a lot of people that went to college there (Dutch) - nice city!
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    The first thing that i saw was the bus.

    Number one, take a picture from the left side of the bus that way you hide the ugly wheelchair door and make sure all the wheel simulators are on the wheels.

    That was the first thing that did not impress me.


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    I think it's a pretty good start.

    More info! You need to introduce yourself to your site's visitors and explain what you have to offer... what sets you apart from the rest. You say you started it because you saw a need. So you should be able to highlight the key differences in your service.

    A fleet page needs fleet photos. While anybody can see the outside, what is it they really want to see? Right... start gathering some nice photos to present your vehicle. You don't need to over do it, but enough to show the visitor the general size and layout, and a few features and amenities. Oh, and of course if the wheelchair ramp/lift works, you might highlight that, as well.

    The Contact Us/Get a Quote pages are redundant. If you really do plan on newsletters, etc., a blog my be a better way to go. Just a thought.

    But there's definitely potential there. Keep at it... good luck.
    Karl Jones

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    I agree with Karl, you need to show the inside of your bus. I wouldn't take pics of the side without the wheelchair door because they might be disappointed when you show up. I like to under promise and over deliver. Are you licensed by mdot? If you are I can probably send you some business. I get lots of calls for Grand Rapids but it's too far away for me to service.

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    The picture of the bus is nice, but I would do it again with small changes. Change the angle and JUST BEFORE YOU TAKE THE PICTURE: Dress your tires, polish the chome , shine the glass real nice and wax the bus (atleast the side in the picture). These small things are easier to do and create a difference in the impression your picture will give.
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