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Thread: Looking for a QVM SUV Limo Anyone???

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    Default Looking for a QVM SUV Limo Anyone???

    Hello there,

    I am looking for a 2005 Excursion ECB/Crystal/Tiffany or Navigator 2007 or up. Please contact me asap. Thanks. Moonlight limousine Ltd. Vancouver. Canada. Thanks

    Moonlight Limousine Ltd.
    Vancouver. Canada.

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    Raj, you still looking? Have you talked to American Dealer Group in Boca Raton? I know they have a couple for sale.

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    Yes Wade,

    I have been looking for a QVM SUV limo for few months now and in the mean time I ended up buying a 10 Pac towncar .... but now I am getting lots of calls for SUV limo 12 passengers.. and I am having to farm out... so I want to get a SUV limo for my company now that I have the permit in hand.. I know amercian dealer group has couple but we can only bring in QVM suvs in canada not escalade or hummer... I wish though....


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