Hey all,
I'm totally new to this site and have gathered some great info in just the couple days I've checked out the site. So currently I'm looking start a sedan service with my first car 2009 BMW 750li in Maryland servicing the DMV (DC,MD,VA). So I've seen a lot of admonishment about not going into this part-time, working for another company before starting your own, etc. Does anyone that lives in the DMV have a creative way of helping someone get into the business? Or does anyone have sound advice for someone that's going to give it a try anyway. I'd primarily like to stick with just the Sedan service as opposed to the stretch limo service.

As a person who hates SORRY customer service I understand and can follow through with exceptional customer service and i have a love for driving and a pretty keen sense of what to do and where to go in the area. I like the road less traveled and don't really look for glamour in a job as much as a desire to generate more than my current stream of income. I know much of this has been touched on before in other posts but I thought I'd put it out there again.