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Thread: Just Re-did My website and waiting for your opinion

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    Default Just Re-did My website and waiting for your opinion

    Hi Guys,I have just re-done my website.PLease let me know what you think
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    Its pretty good. Here are some thoughts
    -You could do without the high speed flash animations...
    -It is subtle but wow, those black sedans are really clean and shiny.
    -All the local NJ imagery makes the site highly relevant...nice
    -Your nav menu should be ordered top to bottom by business value.. "Our Fleet" should be above "flight tracker and airlines info" and probably "contact us" as well
    -I dont think links like "Flight Tracker" or "Airline Info" adds any value. No potential customers are visiting your site for flight info and airline info and instead it serves as a distraction from your optimal sales conversion funnel
    -Its better you use an email that ends rather than
    All-in-one limo software & website solutions

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