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    Default Want some criticism

    Here is my website

    I need total evaluation and your suggestions , If you want to criticize your are more then welcome. Please have a look on it and last but not the least please do comment on the Content of the website as well as designing and navigation

    Thanks a lot
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    Hi, If i was you i would put more text on my site. That helps to rank in google and other search engines. I am learning SEO and have found many useful things. Also the pics on the left. I wanted to click on them since they looked like clickable but it did not work but overall i liked it.

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    I think it looks nice - very clean. The only thing I saw was that when you click on "track a flight" you leave your website. Is there a way to automatically make it so that FlightView opens in another tab?
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    I agree with Rick. Utilize a pop up or new tab when linking to an external site. The light green text is very hard to read on the black background. I would also add a fleet page with some pics of your vehicles. I am using Chrome.
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    From a visual standpoint, very difficult for me to read the inside pages that had tiny grey text on a black background, especially with such bright colors at the top and for headings.

    I agree on getting more content, as at my screen resolution (1440x900) there is a lot of empty space, especially on the "About us"

    If I'm coming to your site as a client, I want to be able to cleary find why I should choose you. It shouldn't be difficult to find that... get me to pick you and contact you.

    Also as mentioned, do make the link to the flight tracker open in a new window. After they click around on that site for a little bit, they are not going to easily be able to click BACK to get back to your site.

    I'm not sure the market you are targetting, but my first impression with your logo, at the top left, the image and wording to me just reads "public transportation", granted this may just be me, as the green dot logo for some reason is reminding me of one similar I have seen for buses somewhere.

    All the location images (on left on home page, across the top on the subpages), when my mouse moves over them indicate they are links, makes me wanna click on them to see where they take me... no where. Gives the impression something is broke.

    While I didn't read though all the pages and their content (again too hard to read), looks like you have done a pretty good job at keyword targeting pages with the links to the cities at the bottom. Not just the same content on each page while changing the city name.

    There were some small spelling and grammar issues I noticed. Also there is character encoding issues that problems on same pages (See In Firefox and newer versions of Chrome and IE, you will see a <?> type symbol in these locations. (usually this comes from doing a copy/paste from Word where it uses curly apostrophes and quotes, which are technically a different character that the key beside your enter button on the keyboard)

    Some of the examples of other things are "[your company] has been providing car service in Burbank for over 15." I saw that on a few of the city targeted pages. Also, there was one or two places where use of apostrophes was wrong, doing something likes studio's (possessive) instead of studios (plural).

    You have in the footer a link to "login" that gives you a 404 error.

    Now for the more technical side: The pages do not validate, and worse, in major ways, you have <style> tags and open a second <body> tag in the middle of the page. Run EACH of your pages through the validator (if you have any questions on a particular issue, let me know)

    As far as SEO goes, there is much improvement you could be doing, mainly on your subpages in your TITLE tags and use of header tags (you don't even use a H1 on the pages). See for advice (note a lot of what is said for the Title Tag are useful for your H1 tag)

    You also have no Meta Description, so search engines need to figure out on their own what to display. As an example when I google your site, here is what it shows for you "Copyright ATA Transportation. All Rights Reserved. Los Angeles Car Service. Car Service LAX. Pasadena Car Serivce. Burbank Car Service."

    Some free sample tools to help you get a good start on improving things, on top of clearing up ALL errors given by the validator listed above, go here and browse every page of your site. See what the search engines see. Then also on each page, click the (i) icon in the top left of the page to get SEO info, pay attention to the suggestions it may list at the top.

    There are several other tools, (SEO Doctor and SEO Quake plugins for firefox are good ones), but the above should get you started.

    Lastly, on the Contact Us form, it could really use some cleaning up, getting things lined up would make it look better IMO. Also you have absolutely no validation on the form. I am able to click on it without filling anything in, and it tells me it sent you a message.

    Well that is pretty much it for a basic run though.

    Hope it helps.

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