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Thread: Hiring PT Drivers who also work FT

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    Thanks again for all the good advice you guys. I think I will sit down with the DOT next week just to make sure of the records we are required to keep. Again, Im not looking to skirt the law or anything, I just want to make sure I keep the required information, and comply with what I need to, and not overburden myself or the drivers.

    Thanks again!
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    When it comes to compliance, never worry about overburdening your drivers with something that is well within their job to do. Professional commercial drivers understand what compliance means to their carrier, despite their love to grimace and grumble about small things now and then.

    Kudos to you for doing what many others are hesitant to do... get advice from the source! Call them, go see them, write them! Find out! That's what keeps you on top of your game. Others may not see it, but DOT is your friend.
    Karl Jones


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