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    I am in need of insurance. I have been in business for over 3 years. I had a claim for my insurance where the insurance had to pay out. They are not going to renew my policy. Has anyone heard of TIB Insurance Brokers? They are working with me now to find a company. I am under the gun due to it expiring in 10 days. I just found out last week from my local insurance company about this. Not happy. Any Suggestions? They want me to sign a form that states that I am only dealing with them for quotes. Anyone heard of this? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin0435 View Post
    Has anyone heard of TIB Insurance Brokers?
    The name rings a bell...
    Karl Jones

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    Just curious, what kind of claim did they pay out on. I ask because, that seems a little odd that you only had one claim and they drop you. I will say this as a suggestion, we have on here a very good person in the insurance biz "Phil"/"LimoInsuranceKing" that should be able to help you out. I suggest you seek him out, if he doesn't chime in here on his own. Give him a call, he's a broker as well. In saying that, no. Don't sign any form limiting your options. From my experience in the commercial side of things, it seems you will always have to go through a broker to get insured, as it's not like personal policies where you can just call up "Geico" or who ever.
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    From what I have heard, Phil is a great agent. Here is my agents contact info also.

    Hugh M Tamoney
    American Specialty Insurance Group, Inc
    3111 45th Street #2
    West Palm Beach, Fl 33407
    561-683-1248 (fax)

    Phil T. Brun
    Commercial Insurance Broker
    Kiely-Hines & Associates
    Louisville Office
    Transportation Division

    800-295-1897 ext. 2756 Toll-Free
    502-893-2020 ext. 2756 Office
    502-569-2756 Direct Line
    502-897-1533 Fax E-mail Web-site

    937-524-5899 (office)
    Dunlap Limousine, LLC

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    Things don't seem right on a few different levels here. To begin with, for a company to non-renew a policy certain laws regarding advising the insured in a timely manner must be followed (this varies by state). Either your broker knew about this ahead of time, or not enough time was provided, you must obtain a copy of the Notice of Non-renewal to know when notice was given by the company and whether or not a copy was mailed to you by the company or if it was sent to the brokers office for them to advise you.

    Secondly, for an underwriter to non-renew a policy due to losses one or two, or both of the following may have occurred: 1) The loss was large enough to destroy your loss-ratio to the point where you are not viewed as a profitable, desirable client; 2) The loss was caused due to you operating in a way that the company was unaware of yet they were in a position that they had to pay the claim. The way the original post is written, it comes across as though it was a very minor loss.

    Until more details are known there is no way for anyone to make a judgment on your particular situation.

    As I wrote late last year, the insurance market place is hardening. When the market turns hard underwriting guidelines tighten; premiums increase; and non-renewals become more frequent.
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    I agree with Party Bus Andy give Hugh a call since I was going to recommend him as well because I use him. Phil makes a good point about your previous company dropping you and give Phil a shot at it as well.

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    Ditto Andy


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