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Thread: Be Transported

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    Hello everyone. The site administrator was kind enough to allow us to post here. I won't post often as I respect the community created by this message board. But I will check back to answer any questions and clear up any confusion or mis-information that may come across.

    Please note I addressed the confusion regarding our pay period and policies in post #7. If there are any questions about the site I can try to answer them here or you can contact us directly.

    As june mentioned, we are not at the point where every vendor is seeing rides come through, although we have seen increases in work. We do not control who gets the rides, the customers pick, so traffic and customers choice is whats going to directly affect your chances of getting work. On the bright side the site costs you nothing if you do not get rides - but obviously for both our sakes we'd like to see you getting a lot of work from the site. We've recently partnered with which will open us up to a large customer base including a wealth of corporate clients. And we're doing some other things as well.

    transporter - what is the name of your company? (If you prefer to pm it to me on here that's fine.) I'll make sure we reach out to you.
    Kenneth Scheps
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    Has anyone here had any luck with I was listed with them for about a year but didn't have a single lead come through nor did I ever see any advertising, online or otherwise that would even drive any traffic to their site. Recently, I failed to submit updated paperwork and fell off the listing. Checking now, it looks like there are only two companies listed as servicing the entire Chicagoland area when a year ago there were several. I guess it doesn't hurt to get my listing active but I was just curious if there were any markets where this service has been successful.
    Andrew Armitage
    Vintage Chauffeuring LLC

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    Raphael Sousa - Owner/Operator
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    direct: 415-990-6364

    Serving San Francisco Bay Area, Napa, Peninsula
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    I will give it a try and see what happens. I will keep you guys posted.

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    Trying to book a vehicle on their site looks good at first, but it is a little messed up. Makes you just want to go to some other website.

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    Whats going on with the be transported people?
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