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Thread: new Guy on the block

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    Hey Pink!


    I notice that the windows on your limo are not tinted black. Are you not allowed to do that over there? Or do you find people like being seen??
    Steve Walker

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    When I got it the windows were as is, the car is 30 yrs old and never been tinted but I have been thinking about tintiing them, I dont know whether people would prefer tinted or whether they want to be seen??

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    The dark tint will help with sun damage to inside of car, also it will keep inside cooler for passengers on hot days. It will also make the Pink color on the Limo stand out more. 5% is standard Limo tint. The make some Carbon based that is 18% , that will push the heat away rather than absorb it like standard tint . Standard tint will block the light but still lets some heat into car . It is expensive to use compaired to standard tint. We tried it on one of our trucks we use . The truck has a big difference in how hot the windows get compaired to one of the windows with 5 % . We love it

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    I dig your Classic Pink Caddy, I really love the big daddy white walls you have on her, that limo is still bad @ss. Here are a few of my old timers. "~_~"
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    looks great, I notice the windows are tinted, looks good on white, dont know about pibk though..Love your cadillacas !!

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