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Thread: My experience as a startup obtaining livery insurance

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    Default My experience as a startup obtaining livery insurance

    As some of you guys already know, I am a startup who is attempting to enter this industry during a less than optimal economic climate. Since everyone here was a startup at one time, you already know that entering this industry is rather mindboggling with all of the rules and requirements that need to be fulfilled. For those like me who also need interstate operating authority, it gets even more confusing.

    One of the most daunting tasks is obtaining livery insurance. As a startup, this is not the easiest task simply because most of your highly rated firms will not underwrite inexperienced companies. Even worse is that many of the few who do underwrite startups require significantly higher premiums despite your perfect driving record or perfect background check.

    This is why I must say that my experience with our forum's very own Phil Brun(Limo Insurance King) from Kiely, Hines, and Associates has been very pleasant. Not only was he able to make this a very pleasant and easy process, but he is someone who is with you from the very first beginning to make this a less intimidating process. Because I like to meet the people I plan on doing business with, I went and dropped by his office down in Louisville in the Kadem Tower. We talked for nearly an hour as he talked me through the insurance part, and it is nice that there is a real life person with a real life office who will be able to assist you when needed. From the very moment I submitted my business plan, Phil was there to support my business with what I needed insurance wise.

    Whether someone is a startup or a veteran, I have to say that my experience with our very own Phil Brun was so impressive that I could never hesitate to recommend him enthusiastically. With my business starting up on Jan 16th, I am happy to say that i've been able to to find exactly what I needed insurance wise with more than adequate coverage at a premium that is very very good for a startup.
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    Good job Phil.
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    I have found the same experience with Phil. Have never owned a business myself, but my family (dad, grandfather, uncles, etc.) have - I have to say Phil and his wife, Laurie are two of the most wonderful people to work with. I have said it many times to Phil, but I truly feel it was a blessing to have crossed paths with them! Happy New Year everyone!
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    Thanks guys and June for taking time to write that. It is not often I am able to meet an insured because it is done via phone calls and emails, but I always enjoy it. Rich always shows up for when I am in Chitown!

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    While I don't have a Phil I am very lucky to have the broker that I do..... Michelle Coen from Sparrow Insurance in Portlaois Ireland looks after us very well...
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