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Thread: Thinking about starting a limo business in Vancouver

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    The biggest problem I have found in farming out service, is the consumer will remember their name and not yours. So you may get them once but the second time on is where the problem lays. Their business cards, brochures, company branding, etc. has time to set in for the consumer on their trips. The quality of service and vehicles may be different then yours which may contradict your service thoughts as well. This may work in your favour or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canuck View Post
    Cedar Mill,I should be able to keep costs relatively low as I'll probably pay for the vehicle in cash (buying used), run the business from home for now (that's allowed in Vancouver), and I have a spare secure underground parking spot. I've read through the income statement that Bella Vita posted so I feel like I have a reasonable idea of the expenses and how they all add up.I understand how important it is to figure out if the market is saturated, but how do you actually go about doing this?
    It's nice to hear you read through my pro forma. It is a good reference to go off of as a format but your figures of course soo be mug different. Also keep in mind I have extensive knowledge on internet marketing, seo and web design. Also I do my own accounting and have gone through some law school so additionally my web, accouniting and legal expenses are near 0. Your expenses in most cases will be greater.
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    Hey Canuck,

    Where about in Vancouver are you? Let's go out for a coffee by the ocean or something


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