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Thread: We would like to hear your opinion about our new website

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    Default We would like to hear your opinion about our new website

    Please let us know what do you think about our new website:

    Also we just finish our iPhone Winn Limo app. If you are lucky owner of iPhone or iPad , please download our app from the App Store. We under "Los Angeles Limousine".
    We would like to hear your opinion on app too.

    Thank you.

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    There are a couple things I'd like to share with you after a cursory view of your site:

    1) Font - The font is extremely hard to read. Did you consult a User Experience expert before doing a redesign? If so, they should have told you that white font is extremely hard on the eyes.
    2) Blurry Graphic - The "Why Winn Limo" graphic is practically illegible. After squinting for a few seconds I just gave up and I can bet a lot of your readers do to.
    3) Unlinked Social Icons - None of your social icons at the top of your page link to the respective profiles. That results in a disappointing experience for the user as one expects to be able to click on those.

    I only had a few minutes to look over your site, but I hope you find those comments helpful and not offensive. Best wishes!

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    I think your site is really nice. Classy. Inspires confidence.

    By the way, did you ever get paid by Hecker?

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    First, I suggest you try browsing the site as search engines see it:

    If your main goal is keyword stuffing, well then you accomplished that to the extreme.

    Here are some actual technical issues which if it were my site, would get adjusted:

    The following items are called by about 63 of your city specific pages, but does not exist:

    The following items are called by but they do not exist:

    All of the forms lack any validation, you probably got a few blank e-mails from me testing this. Even if you didn't get them, your user gets no notification that they need to fill out forms.

    On the home page, the heading image is huge at over 250k! On my connection which is quite speedy I still had to watch it progressively render because of the size. This is mainly an issue with the way the site is built, the code behind the site is not semantically written (using tags for what they are meant for to get the best use from the site). This not only makes it less friendly to search engines, it bloats the code and the size of data needed to load pages (and now google uses page load speeds as part of their rankings) This is really not a complaint to you, as looking at the websites for the company listed as making the site, there is the same bloat code across them (and lack of form input validation, and actual site code validation).

    Also, when you use the link I gave above, you will see your main content is way after a lot of bloat, it is good to have the main content to the top as possible.

    Think of it in terms of limos. You can have a limo that "looks" good, but wasn't built right, and will not function the best. That being said, for the most part I do like the actual visual look of the site. I just think that the taking the graphical design and building an actual web page could be done better.

    It took me a minute to find where Leo was referencing the "Why Winn Limo" text, but once I found it ( for those looking), Oh yeah, that is hard to read, also on the same page layout, the text in the blocks ( "Limousine Services Provided", "Reserve Now", "Free Limo Quote") are very difficult to read. It is most likely an issue of you have seen it enough, you don't notice it. (It happens, I had a client review a project today, and after 3 months of looking at it, didn't realize how bad something needed changed because I was so used to it) Some of your inside pages (ex. are too busy, and just have way too many fonts/font styles on the same page.

    Additionally on the page I just mentioned, it is not designed to look good across multiple browsers. The "Quick Quote" form in some browsers is too tall and too wide to fit in the intended borders ex. in Chrome, The "Submit" and "Clear Form" buttons are down on top of the phone number in the block that looks like an add below it, and the "AM/PM" selector goes off the right. In firefox, the main "white" content flows down almost over top the "Los Angeles CA Transportation" line below it. There are mainly due to the coding methods used to build your site (again, not knocking you, the company that designed the site built theirs the same way).

    One thing I was just noticing going over the text of yoru site, your phone number (at least on your home page) is not part of your content, it is just part of a graphic.

    For the FAQ page, it could use more cleanup, inconsistent space the whole list of questions at the top slowly keeps indenting more and more, different formatting/sizes, punctuation, capitalization, things like "1.00$ per minute", using things like "till" instead of "until" (later sounds more professional)

    Some tidbits to check: celebity (in Meta Keywords) should be celebrity (unless you were purposely targeting the mispelling) Chauffered should be Chauffeured (there are two places on this page) Chauffered should be Chauffeured cuise (in meta keywords) should be cruise custmoer should be customer flate rates should be flat rates (IMO that who answer could be reworded to something that is more understandable) limousien should be limousine (again, unless you were targetting the mispelling) "The mission of of our Studio City Limousine Service..." has of repeated "ou can also rest..." is missing the Y for You In the Meta Keywords, you may be targeting the misspelling, but if not, quinceaera should be quinceanera In the keywords, you have "party limousine slos angeles" "We will accommodate your business, personal, and corporate transportation Transportation needs at a reasonable price" Transportaion repeated twice. "please use use the menu" use is duplicated

    With the large content on the site, I would recommend that you have someone "outside the box" (not someone who works there or is in the limo industry), that has very good grammar/spelling skills go over the site to make sure it is more readable in places and more professional sounding.

    I do give you thumbs up for having relatively different content on your various city/service keyword pages. Usually people take the same thing and paste it over and over changing the heading. However, in looking over them, some of them make it sound like you are talking about separate companies. (ex "pick up the phone and call Long Beach Cruise Terminal Transportation services.") You may want to clarify some a little more.

    Again, overall like the main look of the site, just could use some clean up in formatting and wording. (I think the actual code behind the site could be majorly cleaned up, but that would fall more on the company you had develop it, and judging from their own sites, that is just how they roll it looks).

    Hope this helped, All was said in the intention to help you make it better, hope it was taken that way.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LGAL View Post
    I think your site is really nice. Classy. Inspires confidence.

    By the way, did you ever get paid by Hecker?
    Never was paid by Hecker. He called me and promised to paid. But he did not kept his word. I try to reach him or somebody in his office. No luck.

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