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Thread: DeVille Limo Problems ?

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    Before I buy another Caddy, I would like to know any owners opinions or problems with the current Deville.
    Is there anyone out there running them ?


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    must admit id be interested to hear on the pros and cons of caddy myself i like lincoln but i am open minded about it
    ( uk bolton )

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    I'm from the detroit area and I recently spoke with one of the largest black car operators in our area with somewhere around 200 cars. He told me he has 25 year 2000 Devilles and that they are giving him lots of problems. ALL 25 thats right ALL 25 needed to have transmission work at or around 70,000 miles. He also said that he has had a lot of electrical problems that would leave the cars stranded on the side of the road. I was recently going to purchase 2 of them myself but it looks like I'm going to stick with the Lincolns.


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