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Thread: Limousine directory link trade

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    Default Limousine directory link trade

    Hi all,

    I recently started a limousine directory at: (in my sig)

    My directory is a little different than a typical directory in that I am only listing one limousine company per listed city. I'm listing companies on a first-come, first serve basis. I will list your phone number, e-mail address, address, web address, pictures of your fleet... I'm very flexible and will make the page present your company as much as I can.

    Some cities I already have filled up, but not many. If you do not see your city listed, let me know and I may be willing to add it depending on the size of your area. Please ignore any images you see on the site as most are simply placeholders and I will be replacing with actual fleet pictures as soon as I have a company locked in.

    In exchange for being the featured company of your city, all I ask is a basic return link to my index page with the anchor text "Limousine Fares", please link exactly to

    To get listed, please e-mail with your appropriate details and I will have you listed by the end of the week. The more details the better.

    Thanks all!
    Austin Party Bus
    Texas Party Bus - Contact me to be listed.
    Limousine Fares - Contact me to be featured in your city.

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    Forgot to mention, most cities currently have a placeholder company. If you see a company listed for your city, contact me anyway, it's likely that the listed company is only a placeholder and I would be replacing them with you.
    Austin Party Bus
    Texas Party Bus - Contact me to be listed.
    Limousine Fares - Contact me to be featured in your city.

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    PartyBusIA emailed me about this some time ago and listed me under the Las Vegas section with a nice paragraph, contact info and link. I really appreciate what he has done and I urge others to take up his offer and if possible link back to the site so we can build his PR. By building his PR it will help bring all of ours up as well.

    PartBusIA think it would be possible to change our image on your page to our logo instead of the broken image with the red x?
    Nick Groat
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Bella Vita Limousines

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    I did this as well. Works out really good because you're actually linking back to your own page since it has your info on it. Make sure you use the right address in case the site can get picked up for citations.


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