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Thread: salvage title

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    I purchased a Cadillac Deville from a salvage yard with a Salvage title and it was a pain to just get it registered for my own personal use. I had to pay the Wisconsin State Patrol $80.00 to inspect the vehicle after I repaired the frontend deer damage, they went over everything on that vehicle from the horn on down, and if they found anything that did not work it would cost you another $80.00 to reinspect it again after repairs. I don't regret the purchase because I got my moneys worth out of the vehicle, but for commercial use I would only purchase this vehicle if I needed a motor or parts, salvage vehicles can be a great bargin for parting out for other vehicles in your fleet.
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    And also on the insurance side, when the title is branded salvage, the value of the car whatever it was worth before the accident has been paid and the car is now worth $0.00 So now with a salvage title the car has already been paid and if you get the vechicle rebuild and it got salvaged again then the value of the car is still $0.00. I need to be corrected on this. Maybe Phil might be able to shed some light on this.


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