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    Default Floor for party bus

    What is the best type of floor to install in a party bus? One that looks good, yet can stand heavy traffic.

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    Do a search as this topic has been covered.
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    Make sure whatever you choose is Non slip. You don't need the drunk slipping and falling on spilled beer.

    Also pick something that the alcohol/liquids can not penetrate (ie. no seems or minimal seems) to avoid a bus that smells.
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    I think anything you use will soon have to be replaced out 1st bus we used laminate wood and it looks ruff now we are getting it replaced this week but lasted 3 years and only cost us about $100 no including labor.
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    I use to be in the flooring business before doing NEMT/limo sales. I would recommend a commercial slip resistant vinyl for any party bus. All the majors make this type of flooring-Mannington,Armstrong, Altro,Forbo. Just make sure you get a dealer who has a good hard surface flooring machanic who knows how to heat weld seams. This way no liquids will penatrate the floor and smell. Also its easy to clean. If you have any questions please let me know.


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