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Thread: LCT At It Again! Top 100 List A Fraud

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    That sounds much better, however I am still with Dean in regards to exposing these liars for what they are. I did a major event the other day where there were about 100 other limousines, chauffeurs and their owners were there as well and in talking with some of those owners, I could feel them stabbing me in the back WHILE we were talking. A lot of sharks out there, and only a handful of trustworthy individuals.

    Guess they are everywhere!

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    "Does the industry actually believe that consumers read LCT to see who the biggest operator is?"

    A significant quote taken from Jim's post that deserved a bit of attention in my opinion.

    The Top 100 is a list produced for an industry magazine that, unless someone knows differently, is read almost exclusively by those in or associated with the industry.

    I for one had never even heard of it before I began to research the business before starting my own shop. I realize that there may well be business consumers out there, and a few savvy retail customers who read the publication, but not a statistically significant number would be my guess.

    As to who has the most marbles in their bag……

    When we were little boys we all lied about how many Hot Wheels cars were in our collection; when we were teen-agers, we all lied about how much horsepower was under the hood of our cars, and Heaven On Wheels' post reminded me of nearly every event I have ever attended where many limos were present. Lots of chauffeurs and operators around, most all of them telling lies about the various sizes of their fleets. I for one have tried not to get caught up in the fleet-size game. I have always thought the Top 100 should be based on net income, as reported to the IRS. There is your accountability.

    As Jim pointed out, "it is not the size of the pencil..." I would hazard a guess that there are many operators not mentioned in the Top 100 that have bottom lines far superior to many who did make the list.

    This fixation on fleet size is akin to carpenters on a jobsite counting hammers. Hammers, limousines, sedans, busses, they are all just tools, and what counts is how much money you make putting them to their best use.

    Yes, honesty and accountability are indeed important issues, but we are all big boys and girls here, and we know, or at least should know, that people sometimes lie and exaggerate. The list to me is an interesting exercise that is rather like picking the prom King and Queen, the most important thing in the world to those involved at the time, but just entertainment for the rest of us.

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    I am FINALLY understood! Thanks Sal!
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    Default False Advertising

    Submit false numbers to LCT

    Run those false numbers with LCT backup on advertisements ie.

    "We Are The Number 5 Largest Limousine Service In The Nation According To LCT Magazine"

    Fraud that reaches beyond the Industry readers of LCT

    A Lie is a Lie regardless of where the Lie is published & who reads that Lie!
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    Sounds like the crap that get's said in the Tampa market. Did any of them make the list?


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