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Thread: Do you Remember your first Month in the Limo Business ?

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    As everyone has mentioned, best to advertise. In order to make money got to spend money.

    One of my catch, is that I give discounts at a car wash. For those that book with my limo get 10% off any car wash.

    I have been researching and finding ways to advertise. But profit for airport drives is not too great.

    My first month will actually be this December, but I am booked for 10 days, making $5000.

    Its just my insurance is killer nearly $1000 per month.

    Find something that will make people attracted to your service. For example every 10th ride to the same client
    make it 50% off or free.

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    Very new to the executive car service myself (actually haven't quite started yet, still getting insurance & license taken care of)...just joined this site today and came across your post. After almost a year in business, any advice for a beginner? Should I run my own biz (like I really want) or contract out to larger companies, which is more cost effective? I bought a blk Cadillac Deville (2005)..i know the industry standard is the town car but Caddi was a lil easier to find n cheaper...any help?


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