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Thread: Ac Problems

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    Thanks Tony And Rich for your advice Im going to take my limo to have it checked with that temp gun and also to see if that high relay switch is working properly and also check and see if fans are working properly also. You guys are the best!!!

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    Problem solve guys, I took my limo to one of my buddies who is a diesel mechanic and it took actually 30 min to figure out my problem and correct it, he put a piece of paper in front of my aux cooling fan for the rear and the airflow was pulling to the front of the car instead of the rear. The aux cooling fan was blowing the wrong way, correction was made and I was able to drive Sunday with temps @ 95 degrees and I drove it for 7 hrs straight with no problem. Thanks for all your advice guys I really appreciated it.

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    I wonder how it started blowing the wrong way?

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    Because he replaced it recently to address this issue and the new one was probably wired in backwards.
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    That's exactly right Tony and thanks again say hello to my friends at Moonbean Limousine Services they have the same Dodge Charger limo as myself.


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