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    I've been a chauffeur in LA for the past five years now. Currently employed, I've been looking into trading in my car for a sedan I can use for my own service. Though I like my present job a lot, and the company I work for is terrific, I've received lots of encouragement over the years to pursue an independent venture. I'd like to be able to benefit my current employer by providing them with a reliable temp source while also being available for any potential clientelle I can gain on my own.

    A gentleman who runs a website called has helped me a lot on how to get started, but I still need information on what fair market price for my services should be and what is the better choice for a sedan. Is an industry standard town car the way to go or can a hybrid Toyota Camry be practical for a chauffeured vehicle? I'd appreciate your input.

    Stephen Mangram

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    Why does this feel like spam?

    Oh, I know the website referred to is very shaky looking

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    Default Not spam...promise.

    I'm new here. Was I not supposed to refer to a website?

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    Hey Stephen,

    Welcome to the forum.

    First question is: From Where do you plan to get these customers?
    Answering that will tell you what vehicle you should shoot for.
    It will also answer your price question for the most part.

    Also talk with your current boss about what vehicle he is usually short on that you could maybe fill in with.

    Here's the catch though. As soon as you go into business for your self you can count on your runs (you do as an employee for him) drying up. I do not know many bosses that will like you driving around thier vehicles giving you an oppertunity to convert thier clients over to your new business. Touchy area.

    If you do get a hybrid or other Green vehicle there are several services in town that would love to use you for events that require all "Green" Vehicles. Some are:
    Ready to Roll
    Avalon (Bought EcoLimo)

    But it's hard to survive on event work alone in this town so have to measure that againt every day work.

    Good Luck!
    Steve Walker

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    Thank you, Steve. That was very helpful.


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