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Thread: The "Jagged Edge" Party Bus build...

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    The ceiling is going to look really cool, very "architectural" I'd say. And I like how you used the same style of breaking lines on the bars. Keep us updated and post pictures of the final result too!

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    This bus also has 3 lasers inside (one in each side of the front walls and 1 in the rear center of the back window). There will be a switch for the clients to activate/de-activate) if they don't like it.
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    Hey digger damion from Newyork , question when designing the ceiling as the above picture shows we upholstery the ply wood and place the metallic vinly on the white opening , is that correct

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    I put the wood parts up on the White ceiling first, then use a Sharpie to mark where the wood is. Once I remove the wood from the ceiling I then have an outline of where the metallic vinyl needs to go. I will then do the metallic on the ceiling (making sure to cover the outlined part where the wood goes) then cover the wood before it is re-installed. It takes a lot of time and planning but it is just a small part of why my buses are the most popular in our area.

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    Wow that was quick thanks


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