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Thread: So you believe in Leprechauns

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    Default So you believe in Leprechauns

    I may have posted this several years ago... But in spirit of St Patrick's Day

    Dude is walking through he woods & he spots a little dude dressed in green

    Big dude gives chase & after a few miles & some slipping away here & there the big dude finally snags the little guy

    "Let me go, let me go" yells little dude

    "No! You are a Leprechaun & you must grant me 3 wishes" commands big dude.

    "No..No .. let me go" insists little dude

    "Only after you grant my 3 wishes" demands big dude

    After a back-n-forth argument the little dude finally agrees but with a condition

    "Allow me to pleasure myself with you & I'll grant your wishes" says little dude

    "What? No way!" fires big dude

    "Think of it sonny. All the wealth in the world can be yours for a few minutes of me pleasuring myself. Been 500 years you know" pleads little dude

    Big dude thinks about it.. what the hell he figures.. in the middle of the woods.. no one will see it.. all the riches... what the hell ... he agrees

    Big dude drops his pants and bends over, little dude starts banging away

    "So sonny, tell me.. how old are you" asks little dude

    "Ah, ah 35" responds big dude between the pain spasms

    "35 eh? And you still believe in Leprechauns" responds little dude
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