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Thread: New here from Alaska

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    Arrow New here from Alaska

    Hello everyone, I am excited to see such a great resource online with so many operators giving their support.

    I have kick started my business in 2007 after returning from an US Army deployment to Iraq in 2007 and funded my entire business ground up with my own cash I saved up. I have no over head costs except the insurance and normal business expenses. I first bought a 72" 2000 lincoln stretch and a 2002 Expedition SUV and a 2005 Lincoln TC L series sedan. I now have sold the 72" and got a 2000 120" Krystal White Lincoln TC.

    I would love to hear some of your experiances and opinions on what you think I need or should look into for being an great limo service operator in Alaska serving both the tourists and the locals.

    My website is

    I would like to hear your complaints and suggestions. I have always dreamed of being a limo business operator and I want to become successful for many years to come.

    I am only 25 so I want to start this off right.

    Thanks so much for your support!

    Steve Katkus
    Business Owner
    Alaska Limousine dba Real Alaska Tours, LLC

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    Welcome aboard Steve...Get hooked up with those Ice Road Truckers and do some Ice Road Limo shows, that is some wild stuff going on up there in the Great White North.
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    Welcome to the Forum Steve!

    One Quick note: Make your email address on your website Clickable with a "Mailto:" tag. Even in todays age many folks are still learning the Cut and Paste thing.

    As for Market, What is the corporate and Funeral business like up in your area? They something for you to target?

    Glad to have ya!
    Steve Walker

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    Thanks for serving brother!! Geaux USA!
    Dustin Clouatre
    River Parish Limousines
    Baton Rouge, La

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    Welcome Steve. You should have kept the 72'. I have one and its a keeper. Good for the couples and night outs. Good luck up there in Snolaska.
    Tamekius Breland
    Certified Limousine Service
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    Welcome Alaska, you should be able to get a TV show easily, seems anything in Alaska is TV worthy.
    I want to die while asleep like my grandfather,
    not screaming in terror like the passengers in his car.

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    Welcome, next car to buy will be a Hummer Stretch. Can be used all year round.

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