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Thread: Dealer stock classic car livery in Chicago?

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    Default Dealer stock classic car livery in Chicago?

    Hi all,

    Studying the idea of doing weddings and special occasion rentals in classic cars. The cars are part of dealer stock, with dealer plates, and owners consent to the cars being used for rentals. Similar to this, but within the city limits.

    What are the requirements for the vehicles and the company? what type of plates, would we have to set up as livery company, can we lease vehicles from the owners on an as-needed basis, can we work through an existing livery company, etc..?

    Can you suggest any local resources to research this?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Those are some fantastic looking classic cars on that site. If they aren't owned by the limo company, I'm honestly surprised the owners of some of those gems would allow them to be rented out.

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