I just have to write to you all that go off on your rants about a company who helps alot, There name is JNR and they handle collections and subrogation claims for our companies. I have been trying for years to find a company worth a s--t and usually just try to do it myself. I write off alot. I was contacted by the VP and he has been on the ball ever since.
If we have a idiot who hits us they go after their insurance and them for all money owed and loss of use and repair times.
They also collect are deadbeats who decide to chargeback on credit cards and they will report them to the credit agencies. I love it>>>>and checks come quick....
The best thing is if you can get them them claim quick they have rates really low....
(I cannot tell you what it is, signed contract)
loooooooowwww. Anyway I thought I would be nice and help a few more of you out, there website is http://www.commercialcollection.netfirms.com/
the Vice Presidents name Is MAC McNamara. They do not give me anything for referrals so you do not have to mention my name...just check them out I was and am very impressed, with the help they have given us. You can call Mac at 1-866-812-2345 ext 112 Talk to him only, there are salesman their that try to make commission on sales. Mac will handle you personally.