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    Default Pictures of Clients

    I was just thinking of something. Do any of you take a picture of your clients with the limo and then send it to them after? Thought it might be a nice touch.
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    Sure do on certain packages. They can also be found on our Facebook page after our wine tours.
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    I do with my iphone. By the time they get home they already have the picture! As far as actual photos, I do sometimes depending on the ride. Mostly digital though, as it is so much cheaper.
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    I signed up with "Send Out Cards" and send them personalized cards with pictures from their special occasion. If any of you happen to want to sign up, let me know and I will discount you my $100 commish.
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    Send me some info on "send our cards" Geoff. The email address is

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    Customer Retention

    Everyone knows how difficult it is to retain customers. We have a 92% retention rate for all services. We lost one client that traveled 42 weeks out of the year, for the last three years. He and his wife returned to Chicago.
    We generally provide a four-hour package for Luxury Limousine Service as one of our standard packages. One of the things we do is to photograph the group, or individuals, early in the run.
    After dinner, if we were transferring them to a Comedy Club as an example, our Driver will then go to Walgreens.
    You can unplug the SD Card and transfer the photos to the Kodak instant printer. Print photos, which match the picture frames available. Select the picture frames first, then select the picture size.
    Photo prints about $1.00 per page, $2.50 for the frame. Six items total about $23.00 with Tax. Great investment.

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    Dianne is that to say you provide them with 6 pictures in frames? That is 6 of the same picture? I would guess 1 per couple? Or 6 diffrent pictures?
    Steve Walker

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    We have found group pictures work the best. If we have four couples, we do four larger size picture frames.

    Most of the time these are individuals, therefore, eight passengers, eight medium pictures and frames.

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    hmmm kool....i havent tried that... we do get lots of repeat business but never looked into this...
    Sara Lee
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlestonspartybus View Post
    Send me some info on "send our cards" Geoff. The email address is
    I had my friend David contact you through email and he said he got chewed out by email for unprofessional soliciting. Let me know if there is a phone number he can call you at "if" you are still interested.
    Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

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