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Thread: How to position yourself for a tip?

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    If the Chauffeur took the car out knowing that the AC was not working properly then it was his/her fault. Now lets be honest, if the Chauffeur complained that the AC was not working properly to most operators, he would probably be asked to go home and someone else who is more of a "Team Player" would be brought in to do the run and the compalining Chauffeur would probably see very little work from that operator in the future. Nice thing about the bus is if you put something in the log and you do not sign off, that bus is not suppose to move but most do any way.

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    Jim do you really think a chauffeur wants to be out in a limo for hours without A/C and bitching clients, and I can tell you that at least 20 times I had to the owner that the vehicle was not working properly and I got the take one for the team speech. If the chauffeur tells you that something is not working there is no way the chauffeur should have to lose money because of non working equipment.
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    3-6 month old stretch. AC goes. Booked to take a group from LI to see the Stones rock at the Meadowlands. Told by the boss to take the car anyways. Mid-summer, bumper to bumper farked up ride. Cash job. Turned in money minus all expenses including a cooler, 3 bags of ice and a case of Bud Light.

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    Very good thread. Nice insights on tipping.

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