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Thread: Chicago + Illinois licensing of vehicles

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    So what should I do in my given situation ?

    I am looking to start up small with one LTC (my parents own a business in WI) so I will be taking a 14 passenger LTC from WI, to operate in Chicago/suburbs area. So here is the obvious problem the car is a 2000 14 pass LTC. I am looking to start up using that car and purchasing a few 2009 -2010 sedans for airport and corp runs down the road, I eventually plan doing most of my business in the city but with the given limitations I will have to start in the suburbs.
    So can I even have a car that is 10 years old on my fleet if the business is registred in the City of Chicago ? Can I still operate it in the suburbs ?

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    In order to operate in Chicago car can not be older than 5 years old, also it has to be qvm vehicle.
    But you can still register vehicle as a suburban livery plates and do business on suburbs.
    Good Luck

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    JUST email the BOSS in Chicago Richard Ramis Include in your message that the info came from here and mention my name.
    Dean Schuler

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    In regards to my situation?

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    That is correct.
    Dean Schuler

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