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Thread: Drive-shaft loop

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    Default Drive-shaft loop

    Where can I learn more about drive-shaft loop requirements? I've been searching the web but there is nothing that says about how many you need the spacing between each one.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Check out drag-racing websites and forums. I forget the times but it's like 13.99 and faster must have loops installed to pass NHRA tech inspections.

    Don't know if there is a "real" spec on them though. I've seen some that were no more than a looped piece of threaded rod welded to the frame. YUCK !

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    You need a loop on the front of every section of drive shaft so that if ujoint breaks the shaft can not hit pavement and get driven into the floor of the car.

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    Got it. Thanks everyone. I did find some universal ones for $20 on Jegs. I bet I could make one myself but for $20...


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