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    Default Limo Cover

    I will be garaging a 2007 Executive Icon 120" that I just purchased. It will be parked on the street level enclosed garage of a high rise building with some outside exposure to wind and dust though the front gate. I thought it would be wise to buy a cover although I do not need an outdoor cover since it will not be exposed to sun, rain etc in this garage located in Southern California. I also want to cover it to avoid other people in the building from constantly gawking at the limo. Does anyone have a good source to purchase a cover (online ?) and can somebody recommend a good type of cover to look for in this case ? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    Default is your best option for limousine covers.

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    I agree with Digger, we love ours from MTG and they come with a guarantee just in case.
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    We also use the one you order from MTG, great product!
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    I had to break down and get one because of all this dam pollen in the air. I got sick of washiing the car every day. I like the one I got from empire covers (they fit up to 30ft long) it's made of tyvek material very light weight and good fit (doesn't blow off in wind). the pollen blows right off.


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