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    I am looking to cultivate the Farm Out Business. When starting out what is the best way to do this? Is it best to call all limo companies on the phone and send them the contact information for our company and then call every month letting them know we would love any Farm Outs that they can send our way?

    Thanks so much for all the help and insight!

    Newbie looking to learn quickly

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    The best way to do it is to farm out rides to them first.

    Personally, i have never farm out to people if I don't see any reciprocal business within a few weeks - Please don't take this personally, but just for an example I have received many emails from people in your position asking for my ride farm outs - I make sure I take them off our approved operator list because you have to give work to receive it (in my opinion) I often never hear from said people again - so it is a pretty accurate system in my eyes.

    Your 2nd problem, being in California is a saturated market - WHAT do you offer that the company they already use for farm outs doesn't? Again, nothing personal but you can't start a business relying on other, well established companies to hand you work on a silver platter.

    To whoever complained, this post is not intended to be "harsh" just a sharing of experience from a more established business, I hope this didn't hurt anyones feelings...

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    Thank you so much for your candid response. Unfortunately I have to start somewhere and develop relationships. Certainly over time as I build business I will want to farm out to other limo companies that I have built both a personal and professional relationship with. I would like to develop a core 3-5 companies to work with as I only have (2) 120" limos so I definitely can see at times in the future where I will have too many jobs in one night that I can handle. At this point I am not able to provide the reciprocity of farm outs and probably not for the forseable future. What CAN I do that would encourage other companies to provide Farm Outs to me?

    Besides the Farm Outs I am marketing my butt off... however things are slowly happening so I am making sure I can take advantage of any possible streams of business.

    Thanks again for all your time and insight.

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    Again, definately introduce yourself to each company in your area - just don't expect it to blow the phone up right away

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    I have built some close relationships with only a few in our area. I approached 2 of them while working and one of them stopped by our office and gave me a farm out rate I couldn't refuse. I have used the same 3 companies for at least the last year and have built personal friendships with them as well. Phone calls are very impersonable IMO.

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    I would definitely have to agree with Heaven, phone calls are impersonal and to some degree may even seem like your trying to fish for information. Try inviting the owner/manager etc... out to dinner (even the Denny's by the airport), the worst they can say is no, but they will probably remember you when you stop by next time and hopefully they will remember you when they need a hand.

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    For me, I ran into a couple locals at the Limo Show in Atlantic City. The fact that a small op like me would attend a show made a big impression on them and for that, they know that I intend to run a top notch service.
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    We don't have Lincolns or sedan cars, so we farm out with a couple of companies who don't have big vehicles. We have a great relationship with them and it works well for us.

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