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Thread: Feedback needed - Silver Eagle Lease in Florida

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    Smile Feedback needed - Silver Eagle Lease in Florida

    Has anyone done business with this company (rep's name George)? If yes, could you let me know your experience with the way they've handled your deal.

    You can either post here or send me a PM.


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    I know this post is old, but I didn't want to start another one. I dealt with George Miller earlier this year. I met him through a limo bus builder in Florida. At first he was eager to help us get a start up loan. We sent him money to began on our project (big mistake). We kept calling him, and he kept giving us the run around stating that he's waiting for someone from the bank to call him back. He would call and ask questions as if the bank needed more information. After a period we were drained with this nonsense, didn't return calls. Had to call from another number he didn't recognize in order for him to pick up.

    Went to Jacksonville, FL to the address that was stated on his paperwork, and it's a virtual office, he just has the front desk answering his calls and transfers them to his cell phone. This way you can't trace him.

    We demanded the return of funds, and he insisted that he could get the loan going, never happened. After we demanded our loan and waited about a week, called him and he said that he thought it had been sent out and said he had to check when he got back in town. The lie he used was that he was constantly out of town, or something was wrong with his phone.

    We finally threatened him and he sent the money, he sent a portion through Western Union, and the other portion in the form of a certified check through FEDEX.

    I would tell you to stay away from him, he is not trustworthy, a big liar, and a scammer.

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    This is a prime example of why it is always best to work with a local community bank or credit union.
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    You got that right.


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