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    I wnant to know about limousine service more.

    I do not know how to clean the glasses which
    your clients used each time.
    Please tell me the best way that you know.

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    i keep a small spray bottle of water with a few drops of dishwashing detergent in it and a stack of clean towels...just give each glass a few sprays inside and out and wipe with a clean towel...some glasses may need to be done more than once...hold them up to a light to verify they are for me and customers are impressed that everytime they re-enter the car, it looks as fresh as it did the first time

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    John, try keeping extra glasses wrap in colored cling wrap in the trunk this way if a customer uses a glass the cling wrap would be off the glass and you assume it has been used. Replace with extra glasses in the trunk, then have your drivers keep the dirty glasses on the front floor if they don't have access to the office to clean them. I've been doing this the last year. The drivers find it convinent and the customers know they are getting a clean wrapped glass when they get into the car. Just a suggestion, hope you like.

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    We are always trying to improve on this issue. We recently purchased a specialy designed carry case just for this reason. The case is sold by Infinate Innovations and carries 12 wine glasses, 12 rock glasses, napkins, stir sticks, extra cards etc. The case has 4 compartments that stack on each other and fits nicely in the trunk. It looks very professional and allows our chauffeurs to change glasses in less than a minute. Clean glasses have napkins in them and the dirty ones don't. During a ride involving the same clients we don't change the glasses until the end of the ride, but going from one ride to the next it allows our drivers to prepare their vehicle without having to return to the office.

    Brandy Fuller
    Owner S.L.S.


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