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Thread: Corporate Coach?

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    I'm Interested in purchasing a 68" stretch the sticker on the inside of the front left door says it;s modified by Corporate Coachworks Corp. Springfeild MO. The owner says its an Executive Coach! I don't recall seeing any advertisement from Corporate Coachworks in any of the trade Magazines. Can anyone give me any advise, does Corporate Coachworks still exist or have they changed their name to Executive Coach? The interior looks like a cross between an Executive Coach and a DaBryan. Looking for someone who has experince operating this type of vehicle to shed some light! Thanks

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    To the best of my knowledge Corporate rebuild interiors particularly and their staff seem to all be ex Executive or Da Bryan who are both based in Springfield.
    Try finding a construction number which as I remember starts with the year, and then the line number ie 97-234, and call both companies.Also check it is not a damaged vehicle that has been rebuilt.
    Good luck Dick


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