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Thread: Sounds like a Scam????

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    I get those for limousine service and the small ship cruise line we have. The only difference is they want to book a cruise for their client. I now offer limousine and cruise packages to all con artist at the lowest rates.

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    I have gotten the email a few times, it is a scam !

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    As obvious as some of these scams are, I got one that I was super suspicious of and it turned out to be totally legit.

    I had someone from San Francisco call me and wanted to book a whole week of various limo and sedan jobs. They kept referring to the passengers as the "royal dutch education delegates". They gave me a Dutch cc and told me the client didn't speak good English. My Mom happens to live in Amsterdam and I've been there 4 times. One thing I know is that the Dutch are very proud of their English skills and are more than happy to speak with Americans. So red flags went up. Until I actually met the clients and got to know them, I thought for sure it was a scam. But the Dutch were were a pleasure to drive and they had a blast.

    So don't pass up work just because you're suspicious. Just make sure to CYA.
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